Glass and Mirrors Figure in Bathroom Design Trends for 2019


Glass and Mirrors Figure in Bathroom Design Trends for 2019

Thinking of updating the look of your bathroom or powder room this year? Many design experts agree that an experienced glass company should be part of your planning. And, if you’re looking for inspiration for your bathroom renovation in the Washington, D.C. area, in Virginia or in Maryland, glass and mirror experts at Amazing Glazing Glass & Mirror Company are at your call. 

There was a time when most bathrooms looked the same. Not these days! Every year, new possibilities in bathroom design emerge.  At our full-service glass company in Dumfries, Virginia, we have worked with clients on a wide variety of bathroom projects – and we are excited about some of the design trends for 2019. 

The website LoveToKnow recently reported on Luxury Shower Trends.

They led off by talking about the increasing popularity of large, luxurious walk-in showers. “Walk-in glass showers and frameless glass showers are a big trend in bathroom renovations,” they say. “Glass fits well with the simple, clean lines and minimalist, spa-like look that is popular in bathrooms today. It also elongates sightlines, giving the illusion of a larger space without segmenting the room the way a shower curtain or a wall partition does.” 

The website does give homeowners an important piece of advice, cautioning, “Don’t risk a botched set up when it comes to glass shower enclosures. Pivoting glass doors and custom glass enclosures require the expertise of professional installation.” 

In their Decor and Design Trend Forecast for 2019, the design experts at HGTV highlighted the use of exposed shower plumbing. “This trend is popping up in bathrooms, and designers expect to see even more of it in 2019,” they report. “Exposed shower plumbing pairs well with subway tile or minimalist bathroom decor.” 

Of course, the need for custom glass shower enclosures goes hand-in-hand with this popular trend. (Your plumbing won’t be particularly exposed if you’re hiding it behind a shower curtain!) 

If you’re considering a bathroom update this year, we hope you’ll remember Amazing Glazing Glass and Mirror in Virginia.  We are also proud to provide a range of services, including custom glass and mirror, in DC and parts of Maryland.

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