D.C. glass and mirror experts are cooking up a sleek new design trend

D.C. glass and mirror experts are cooking up a sleek new design trend

D.C. glass and mirror experts are cooking up a sleek new design trend

Will you be getting your next kitchen backsplash from a glass company? If you want a sleek, custom backsplash that will take your contemporary kitchen to the next level, the answer to that question is “Yes!” And if your kitchen is in Virginia, Washington, D.C. or certain parts of Maryland, Amazing Glazing, a Dumfries, Virginia glass company known for quality, is the glass company you need.   

Contemporary Styling

“If you haven’t seen the glass sheet ​backsplash trend yet, get excited! This is a hot backsplash option that has been used in Europe for several years and has begun gaining popularity in the U.S. market, especially in contemporary kitchens,” the design experts at The Spruce say.

The advantages of a glass backsplash are easy to see! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist a little glass company humor.)

“Essentially, the glass sheet backsplash is a sheet of glass that can be painted in the color of your choice and then installed on your wall. This approach offers a completely customizable look while being highly functional as it is easy to maintain and clean,” The Spruce points out.

Beautiful contemporary style isn’t the only thing a glass backsplash has going for it.

Benefits of a Glass Sheet Backsplash

There are a lot of benefits associated with a custom glass backsplash installed by Virginia glass and mirror experts Amazing Glazing. The Spruce highlighted three of them:

  • Easy to clean. “Glass is easy to wipe down making it a great option for the backsplash where food prep can easily splatter up on the backsplash while cooking,” the website points out.
  • No grout! That means it’s easier to keep clean and it doesn’t require sealing – unlike most natural stones, including granite and marble.
  • Reflectiveness. We really appreciate the fact that The Spruce picked up on this. “Light bounces off glass, making it a great option for a kitchen,” they say – especially if your kitchen might not have as much natural light as you would like.

The Spruce does caution homeowner on one point:

“Installing a glass sheet backsplash in your kitchen should be done by a glass professional. They have tools to lift the glass and place it without snapping it or scratching it while it goes in,” the design experts at The Spruce say.

If you’re interested in the possibility of a custom glass backsplash, the D.C. glass and mirror professionals at Amazing Glazing will be happy to help you.

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