Choosing the right shower door

Choosing the right shower door - glass company dumfries virginia

Choosing the right shower door

When making renovations to your bathroom shower, you’ll be forced to make several important decisions. One of the most important decisions is what type of door to install for your glass shower. Amazing Glazing is a high-quality glass and mirror company located in Dumfries, Virginia. We specialize in glass shower enclosures and can help you pick which shower door would be best for you.


This type of shower door is considered very sleek and luxurious. A frameless shower door uses sturdy tempered glass that doesn’t require the support of metal around the edges. This allows for an entirely flawless look to your glass shower.


Semi-frameless shower doors are considered to be more budget-friendly than the frameless previously mentioned. This type of shower door still makes a bold impression. It features metal along the glass edges and typically has metal hinges and features.

Clear glass

When picking a glass door, you can go with a traditional clear glass look. This provides you with a clean aesthetic in your bathroom. The glass is completely see-through and has a sense of modern design to it.

Patterned glass

Another option when picking a glass door for your shower is to go for a privacy feature with patterned glass. There are all kinds of patterns you can choose to add to your glass shower to give it a private look and feel.

If you find yourself wondering which choice would be best for you, give us a call to discuss your specific wants and needs. Amazing Glazing specializes in glass shower enclosures among other specialized glass and mirror services. You can visit us online at to see a full gallery of our work. You can also get a free estimate to get started on your glass shower installation today.

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